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Why I call myself a "Couture Design Artist"

Why I call myself a Couture Design Artist

I had always referred to myself as a Couture Designer mainly because I use a lot of

hand sewing techniques when I design.  The title Couture Design Artist came about

because of what others said about me.  Years ago, my Sistesr-in-Law were visiting

from Germany and when they saw the garments that I had created they said that I

was an artist. A few years later when I was purchasing a phone, the salesman and I

engaged in the usual small talk of what I did for a living. I told him I was a fashion

designer and he asked if I drew my designs first.  I told him I was not an artist so

when I drew out my designs, they would be a very simplistic idea of what I wanted to create. 

I shared with him that when I am in the process of creating the actual

garment, different ideas come to me, so the end result is never what my initial

drawing is. I told him that while I’m working different ideas come to me, so the look

of the garment is constantly changing, up until the project is complete. He then said

that I was an artist because like an artist that paints, my canvas is always changing.

It still took me a few years before I used the term because it was so different and in

those days being different was too much out of my comfort zone. Who knows,

maybe I’ve coined a new phrase.

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